Business Opportunities

Fortuna Online provides new business opportunities for small to large entrepreneurs. We can help you get direct access to a large number of consumers to sell your goods, items and services online. This is unique opportunity for manufacturers, distributors, artists, writers, movie producers, importers to find an outlet directly to the end user without the middlemen. Your prices can be more competitive, your profit can be higher, and your contact with your customers will be fast and customers feedback can be immediate.

We accept goods and items for sale from manufacturers, importers and distributors on wholesale pricing - we can create additional outlets in our online shopping mall for new products if the existing structure of our shopping website doesn't specifically cater for your needs. Service providers such as lawyers, financiers, decorators, travel agents, airlines, artists etc. can also open their own outlet in our online shopping mall. Contact our customer service team by email: to discuss your business proposal today.