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We are Papua New Guinea’s largest online retailer. We make it easy for you to buy goods online for your home or workplace and have it delivered to your door. Shop when and where you want.

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Our goal here at Fortuna Online is to create the best Internet Shopping Mall experience in Papua New Guinea. You can use this website for home, retail or wholesale purchasing. It is a great service if you have a business like a (bar, restaurant, shop, night club, bistro, café etc.) We invite you to use our service to make it easy for you, to save you time and money. Please note: We operate in the cities of Port Moresby and Lae. We only accept orders for K100 or more which then gives you free delivery in those cities (there are a few small pockets in those cities we can't deliver to - please see delivery page for more details).

You can easily access our Internet Shopping Mall using your tablet, laptop, smart phone or computer. Here you can do your online shopping from the comfort of your home or office, on business or holiday, or from any location in Papua New Guinea or overseas. Here on our website, we sell everything that you would find at your local shopping mall and more. More and more items will be added over time.

- Food and Beverages

- Supermarket and Grocery items

- Premium spirits, beer, liquors

- Clothing, toys, watches

- Computers and phones

- Home appliances and furniture

- Pharmaceutical and cosmetics

- Vehicles and spare parts

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us and if you have any feedback for us let us know at: fortunasupport@vitisindustries.com so that we can continue making the best online shopping website in Papua New Guinea. Thanks.

Sergey Mosin (founder) and the Fortuna Online team

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